Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WA12 Community Radio, Newton-le-willows has its own radio station

This the kind of news I love to hear. Newton-le-willows is getting its own radio station.

WA12 Radio, by all accounts, is a community radio station for Newton-le-willows and Earlestown that is due to go live at Christmas this year. It looks like it is being put together some blokes who are in it just for the fun of it and because they've got a bit of community spirit in them.

Good on them. I think I'd like to be involved somehow.

There's lots of good stuff goes on around Newton-le-willows but lots of it is disappearing too. Local pubs are closing, I thought Ariete would encourage a few more restaurants to open up on the High Street but that hasn't really happened and I heard on the grapevine that the only place that does decent live music, The Griffin, is going to be a Wetherspoons soon (Update: Apparently this is not so - see the comments below).

And the town lost its last attempt at a local news source a few years ago (the four page wrap that was the Newton Guardian).

There isn't even much you can find online about the place. You'll not trip over any real news about Newton-le-willows on this blog, just mickey taking really, and one bloke who does have a website about the town told me that he once tried to set up a kind of hyperlocal news site for Newton and Earlestown but just got a load of grief from folk who didn't agree with his content.

So hats off to the fellas behind this new attempt at some kind of community portal that looks like it might be a good resource for Newton-le-willows, but might also be fun too.

I wonder, how could I get involved? I could do a bit of PR for it or help with a bit of website content maybe. Nigel Hughes PR could actually be a sponsor for 100 quid, I suppose - and it would all be for a good cause.

Could I be a DJ though? What do you reckon? Newton as a town is not really cutting edge in my experience. Do you reckon they're ready for a not very eclectic mix of Spiritualized, Half Man Half Biscuit and well-past-its-sell-by-date Liverpool indie pop?


Jo said...

Sorry but The Griffin is not going to be a Wetherspoons, Please remove the comment thanks.


Happy to correct that point, thanks. There was some gossip that there was a Wetherspoons on the cards, but I'm pleased that this is not the case. Thanks for clarifying.

jinny said...

I would say that there are plenty of people of that would appreciate your choice of music - rather than listen to the pap that is played on many other local radio stations - i think you underestimate the eclectic taste of newtonians - its after all the centre of the universe