Thursday, November 20, 2008

Max Factor

I quite enjoyed attending Business North West this morning. The quality of exhibitors has improved (or maybe it's just more relevant to me these days) since the last time I went along.

Max Clifford was the first speaker of the day. We couldn't get an interview with him but we did film a few people leaving his presentation and asked them what they thought (more on that at a later date). Did you know Max launched the Beatles? Hmmm. Neither did I. If only Brian Epstein were here to clarify.

Interestingly(for online PR geeks anyway) I tweeted my way through his speech to see if I could report anything decent in real time. So too did Michael Cooper, whom I met for a quick chat afterwards.

Despite the UK's leading PR 'guru' speaking, I think we were two among only a handful of Manchester PR kids present. The CIPR PRIDE awards bash was held the night before: A coincidence surely....

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