Tuesday, November 11, 2008


One of the most boring games of football I've seen in a while restored my love for the Beautiful Game at the weekend.

High winds, stinging rain and a muddy, sloping pitch conspired to ensure that Tranmere's First Round FA Cup tie at Accrington Stanley ended in a bore draw.

The match reports I've seen suggest that there were chances and that the home keeper was the hero of the day. I don't remember a shot on goal myself.

But put that to one side. If you remember my old blog, the now defunct Super White Memories, you will also remember my view that the match itself is often a sideshow when you're a lower division football fan.

A trip to the Fraser Eagle Stadium is a case in point. The pub next door was taken over by away fans, without a hint of trouble. Neither were there were any complaints that the Rovers fans were penned in behind the goal on an open end. Most of us were just thrilled to be standing on the terraces again.

My 'let's get rid of all seater stadiums' campaign starts here.

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