Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bag lady

Like many others in the Manchester business community I was at the Midland Hotel last night to eat duck, drink wine and listen to David Cameron talking about something or other.

Unsuprisingly the Tory boss was damning of Diamond's (cheers for that Silksy, what a gem you are) pre-budget report. The Business Desk, MEN and Crains had their say today - as did Insider in its daily email round-up.

Ear I Am doesn't do politics so I won't get involved. Suffice to say though that these days, for the first time in years, politics students seem to have contrasting ideals to consider. Makes a change from arguing over which party is closer to the middle ground.

Personally I was more concerned with Cameron's entourage. As he marched into the room(late), striding past our table in the process, he was followed by a small dumpy looking woman trying to keep up with Bullingham Bertie while being weighed down by several manbags she was carrying for her boss.

What a spectacle. The once-a-shoe-in-but-now-I'm-not-sure Tory boss seems to have a Lynn to his Alan Partridge.


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