Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spiritualized in concert: Cheap at twice the price

Yesterday's scheduled double header of free Tranmere Suite tickets for the Millwall game and then on to see Spiritualized at the Manchester Academy got off to a bad start when it became apparent that the tickets to see J Spaceman & co had been lost.

And things got worse. Rovers were about as bad as I've seen them for ages. We played four 'forwards' who, through being played out of position, couldn't muster a shot on goal between them for the whole of the first half.

I'm worried about Tranmere. Ronnie Moore doesn't appear to have a coherent Plan A, never mind a Plan B. It's amazing how you can 'spin' a story. Apparently, Rovers are now good on the road, the evidence being two away wins in three games against an out-of-sorts Carlisle and the perennially rubbish Huddersfield Town.

Simple facts should put our position into context. We've lost three home games on the trot.

Saturday night more than made up for all this though. Having lost the gig tickets I did what any other sane person would do - I just went and bought some more.

Was is worth it? Oh, yes.

If you don't know them already, Spiritualized sit somewhere between Velvet Underground and the madness that is Gong, but really they live there alone. Nobody else sounds like them and they attract a varied and, frankly, odd crowd to their shows.

No low points, only highlights, of which there were too many to list. I've uploaded a batch of photos from the night on to Flickr. Click here to see my view of Spiritualized at Manchester Academy 2008.


Anonymous said...

'udders actually surprised me the other week, they're not as bad as usual - although they have no real ideas beyond 'getting in people's faces' and 'upsetting their rhythm' - hey, it's a Stan Ternent team.



Well that's at least two ideas Stan Ternants can use I suppose. We don't seem to have one at all.

Voices From The Below said...

Here, here on Spiritualized - one of the best gigs I've seen all year.