Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Disgusted, Newton-le-willows

Dear BBC

I don't find Russell Brand funny, never have. His George Bush/retard gag at the MTV Awards is among the most hackneyed one liners in the book and I can't believe he gets paid for delivering that kind of crap, but I understand he has an audience - even if it's full of coke-frenzied, vodka shot-snorting groupies who have been brainwashed into thinking this bloke is somehow desirable.

By contrast, Jonathan Ross was funny once. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago and I can't remember the specific occasion. Ha ha. See that? A joke!

Nowadays, with an ego as big as his pay packet, fuelled largely by the overdose of Hollywood A-listers that land on his sofa every Friday night, he thinks that slipping the F word into conversation with his guests counts as 'comedy'.

But, even with such a dim view of the culprits involved, I am really taken aback by this Andrew Sachs episode.

What I find most astonishing is the sheer nastiness of it all. Forget about 'shock value', forget about it being entertainment, forget about about whether or not it should have been edited out before broadcast.

All I can see is that these two bullies think it's acceptable to ring up a 78 year old grandad and snigger about one of them having bedded his grand daughter.

What lovely people they are.


Rob Brown said...

Nigel you are bang on with this. I agree that Ross was funny once ....and your gag was better than anything the two of them delivered on Saturdauy night.

Michael Taylor said...

Bullying is unpleasant whoever does it. Couple of tools.

chris w said...

If its any consolation to those who hate them they have been suspended. I don't personally, but they were totally idiotic, childish and insensitive in their actions.

Bizarrely, the thing I hate the most is the fact that on the day of broadcast there were less than 100 complaints. Today, this has risen to over 18,000. These people didn't actually hear the radio show, but were just disgusted by what they read in the media.

Daly Mail/Express* readers anyone?

* - delete as appropriate

Des said...

There has been some dickhead on TV trying to argue that the particular audience that it was aimed at found it funny and that, therefore, others (outside the target audience) have no right to complain as it is none of their business. That being the case, please tune in to my new 'Burning People Alive' channel when it hits the screens in early Nov!

chris w said...

Ross's new DVD is rather appropriate........

I agree with Des...although shouldn't you complain if you actually heard the show and didn't read about it second hand in today's chip paper. I hate the tabloids!!

chris w said...

It turns out that Gergina Baillie works as a Dominatrix, the story rolls on and on

chris w said...

never seen so many blog posts removed